Feeling like you don’t have enough time to do it all? Nuvho helps management letting rights operators increase bookings through sales, marketing and revenue management solutions

Ready to get started? Our process gets you started in three simple steps 

Book 1 Hour Consult

We assess your tools and processes, start problem solving and set goals. We leave you with actionable business goals whether you engage us or not.

Fast Set Up

As industry experts, our onboarding process easy and efficient. We set up and implement the goal plan so we can start measuring new growth and success.

Increase Bookings

With Nuvho on your team, you’ve finally got more time to do what you do best. Improve relationships with owners, tenants, lot owners and body corporate committees.

Nuvho is currently offering an obligation free 1 hour consultation. The consultation is 100% confidential, and is designed to provide as much advice as possible to improve your property’s performance. This includes an actionable goal plan for you to utilise

Meet Sandra.

Sandra is not only a founder and director of Nuvho, she has a particular passion for helping the Management Rights Industry. Sandra’s goal is to leave you with real advice you can implement today, whether we work together right now, later or never.

Sandra Swatton

Co-Founder & Director

Serviced accommodation sales expert, highly focussed on targeted outcomes.


Our clients testify to our depth of knowledge and superior systems